“Less Than Three would not be where it is without her and the beautiful, amazing work she does for us.”

Less Than Three Press has a reputation for excellent covers. Every convention and conference we attend, people make a point to stop and tell us how beautiful our covers are, even those who have no interest in the books themselves. Aisha has been instrumental to building this reputation. Her covers are always particularly noted, authors specifically request her when submitting cover requests.

— Megan Derr
Chief Operating Officer,
Less Than Three Press

“Aisha takes my stories and my fumbling cover ideas and comes up with something stunning every single time!”

I am generally a difficult author to work with when it comes to book covers. I see my stories in terms of word flow instead of colors and images, which means when I'm asked about cover art I usually draw a blank and hope the artist can come up with something anyway. The colors are dramatic and the images always echo the tone of the book flawlessly. I am constantly amazed at how Aisha is able to capture my stories into one perfect image and I look forward to working with her on more book covers in the future.

— Mell Eight

"Aisha has designed several of my book covers, each more impressive than the last.”

With minimal - sometimes even vague - instruction, Aisha takes an author's ramblings and transforms them into a work of art."

— Mina MacLeod

"I had seen Aisha's work throughout Less Than Three's website and was consistently impressed.”

When I had the opportunity to work with her, the cover she created was amazing. She really captured the atmosphere of the story with one image. She is a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend her services.

— Allison Evans

“Knowing full well Aisha's skill, I felt she was the optimal choice for the project.”

For years I had wanted a picture representation of a character that I had created and loved. With little to no info, she captured my exact idea and improved upon it. She created a truly beautiful work of art. She not only put to paper exactly what I had imagined, she captured the spirit of the character in her expression and pose. The background worked perfectly with the time period and style I had envisioned. Once it was complete, I purchased a large format print and had it professionally framed. It is the prized piece in my house. Truly stunning work. I will be purchasing another custom portrait very soon.

— Jason B.
Atlanta, GA

"Aisha is a skilled professional and a dream to work with.”

Designing a cover has never been so easy or so rewarding. My novel covers done by Aisha have been nominated more than once for awards, and deservedly so. Her work is clean and aesthetically appealing, and I've always gotten a cover that I was proud and happy to put forward to represent my work. My readers often comment on the quality of the cover as well as the books.

— Talya Andor

“She is a pleasure to work with and I'll be calling on her for many a future commission!”

I commissioned Aisha to illustrate a short story written for a webzine. Her attention to detail is surpassed only by her artistic skill. She refuses to settle, making sure that her customers are perfectly happy with their commission. She keeps communication open, going back and forth to ensure that the project is progressing well and that her customers are satisfied.

— Freddie Milano

“Aisha is very talented, patient, on point, and responsive throughout the whole process, and it was a pleasure to work with her.”

Aisha worked with me to create portraits of my fiance and I for our Save the Date postcards, and they came out amazing! We went through several rounds of revisions, and the end result was completely worth it -- I got so many compliments about how we look adorable and (naturally) like ourselves. I highly recommend her for both personal and professional projects. 

— R.B.

"Aisha Akeju's book covers are amazing.”

As an author I have worked with many talented artists on designing my book covers but Aisha is by far one of my favorites. She is extremely good at capturing the tone of the book in her art. I have also always been impressed by her bold use of color. I am not one of those authors who knows in minute detail exactly what they want on the cover of their books. Even if I only provide a very general idea of what I want though Aisha always manages to produce a beautiful cover and one completely appropriate for the book. 

— E.E. Ottoman